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We can conduct our tours in 5 different languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French and Serbian.
Years of experience

We have over 7 years of relevant experience in tourism, leading and guiding tours and excursions.
Unique routes

We created various tours through different parts of Serbia to show you the most interesting and unusual locations.
Who are we?
We are a couple of travelers and adventure lovers. We worked in the Caribbean organizing tours and teaching scuba diving. Now, we decided to combine our experience in tourism with admiration for Serbian picturesque nature and versatile culture and to organize private tours through this fascinating country. There are still many non-well known parts of Serbia (Balkans) and we're excited to guide you through them!
Tour Guide
I fell in love with Serbia since my first visit in 2012. Here you instantly start feeling like at home, yet you discover new things and places every day.
Tour Guide (Serbian)
My life was always pure adventure! Enjoying every moment of it, I traveled and worked in different countries with different people. Learning their languages put me closer to their culture and way of living. I made lifetime friendships and memories. Now, it's time to present my country to travelers around the world in the best possible way.
Have an amazing vacation in three easy steps:
1. Book one of the road trips or day tours
2. Come to Belgrade on a starting date
3. Spend the best time ever!
the rest is our concern :)
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why to choose our tours?
3 good reasons to book with us
One: New perspective
We think of ourselves not just as private tour guides, but your local friends. Together we travel through Serbia, visit National Parks, cruise through numerous meanders and rivers, explore spectacular caves, spend nights in Serbian ethno villages, eat organic and authentic Balkan food from different regions, hike through unseen areas. You can choose between our road trips and day tours or take matters in your hands and design your own trip!
Two: Unique experience
Never been to Serbia and you are not sure if it's worth it? Just imagine a place with untouched nature, friendly people and super tasty food. Travel to Serbia and explore its points of interest with us. We'll show you the most spectacular sites and hidden gems from all regions, while telling you the story about vibrant Serbian heritage. It could be the best adventure of your life! Explore Serbian nature with us!
See gallery of places we visit.
Three: Exclusive tours
We thought how to make Serbian private tours in the most comfortable and pleasant way and that's why:
once you book, there are no hidden costs;
we planned all routes so you don't spend a lot of time in transport;
we take no more than three persons for the trip;
we can adjust our trip or excursion to your preferences in order to provide you the best experience;
we want you to see more, rest more and feel great about this adventure.

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