Article I
Balkanway (hereinafter referred to as Operator) performs collection and processing of data obtained from persons who have given consent for such operation, in a manner permitted by the law, in this case under contractual consent between person to whom information relates and Operator. We are obliged to inform in which cases is not allowed to process the data collected. It is not allowed to process the data in the following cases: Without consent of a person whose data is matter of processing If the processing is done for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, regardless of whether the person has consented If the purpose of the processing is not clearly defined, if it is altered, unauthorized or already accomplished If the person to whom processing is related is determined or determinable, and after achieving the purpose of processing If manner of processing is unlawful If data is unnecessary or unsuitable for achieving the purpose of processing If the amount and type of data is in disproportion to the purpose for which the processing is applied When information is incomplete, inaccurate, obtained from a source that is not credible or is outdated

Article II
Duty of Operator is to inform persons to whom information relates to is following:
• Subject responsible for collecting data is Balkanway.
• Purpose of collection and processing data is to enable reserving tours at internet service, delivering commercial messages and all other information related to functioning of this internet service (such as publishing user comments regarding service satisfaction), permitted by law;
• That collected data are used in a way that allows identification of persons which are using internet service, and in accordance with business customs, professional confidentiality and the law;
• That persons using data are those persons employed by the Operator and are authorized to use collected data as well as state organs according to the law and/or under court decision are eligible to use collected data;
• That giving personal data is voluntary and that person who doesn't want to be user of internet service is not in any way bind to leave his data, but leaving data is compulsory in terms of the Code of Obligations and the Law on Electronic trade, in order to use this internet service;
• That person who gave consent for collecting and processing data is free to withdraw his consent in any moment without explanation, which may cause legal consequence of loss of the rights under the Terms of use of internet service, and that it stops any further collection of data for the person who have withdrawn his consent;
• That in case of unauthorized processing, persons having privacy protection right as well as other rights which are protected by the law;

Article III
Data collected for the above purposes are:
Name, surname, address, country, telephone number, e-mail address. Credit/debit card number and cvv number as well as expiration dates are protected by PayPal service.

Article IV
Data transfers

Article V
This Regulation shall be posted on website and available to any interested party. Regulation shall come into force upon its adoption and publication on the website
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