- Belgrade - Manasija monastery - Veliki Buk waterfall (lunch)
- Resava cave - Lipovica eco farm (dinner) sleepover
- Eco farm (breakfast) - Horse riding - Jeep Safari
- Beljanica (lunch) - hiking to the top (optional) - Belgrade

Total price: starts from €258 (group of three) per person

Price Includes: transport, accommodation (1 night), food (4 meals in total), jeep safari (professional driver operates the vehicle), horse riding, guiding and assistance, all tickets and fees, non-alcoholic drinks during transfer.
Note: Price depends on the amount of people. For group of two, it's €273 per person, for one person it's €332. Flights to/from Serbia are not included in price. Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
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"JEEP SAFARI + HIKING" tour details:
We share with you detailed plan on each trip. Here is day by day plan:
Belgrade - Manasija monastery - Veliki Buk waterfall - Resava cave - Lipovica eco farm
We meet early morning at Belgrade's desired location. We reach Despotovac town and Manasija monastery in approximately two hours ride. Exploring medieval monastery surrounded by the fort is a unique experience. Next location, where we stop for the lunch break is Veliki Buk waterfall. In this fantastic surroundings we'll prepare, after the break, to dive into spectacular 50 mil.year old Resava cave. One hour later we continue towards village Lipovica and our host for the night "eco farm". Dinner time and rest.
Lipovica eco farm - Horse riding - Jeep Safari - Beljanica - Belgrade
After breakfast produced entirely by the farm, you may try horse riding. Once we are ready, professional drivers will drive us through wilderness and amazing untouched nature of Beljanica mountain and Resava district. You may meet some peasents on the way, learn about their rural way of living and try some food produced by them. You may choose to hike last half an hour to our destination, because of beauty of the region. Once we reach Beljanica, we stop for resting and lunch break. Jeep safari should be finished around 5pm when we say goodbye to eco farm and our host. It is time to go back to Belgrade.
General Info
This tour when it's booked covers:
- Accommodation fee for 1 night.
- All transportation fees.
- Jeep safari (professional driver operates the vehicle)
- Horse riding
All food expenses which includes 4 meals in different restaurants and eco farm (example of lunch: soup, main dish, salad, desert and one drink are included. If you decide to eat and drink more, you should cover the difference).
- All tickets and fees
- Guiding and assistance.
- Free juices and water during transportation.

Please note that this tour lasts two days. It is thematic tour designed to show you Resava region in the unique way. During this tour, you will see spectacular sites like Manasija medieval monastery, Veliki Buk waterfall, Resava cave, eat food produced entirely at the farm of our host, have an adrenaline jeep safari through untouched nature of Beljanica mountain. If you enjoy various content, peaceful environments and you don't want to drive far away from Belgrade, this tour might be right for you.

Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
Please read FAQ before booking.
Where we spend the night?
We stay in peaceful environment of the eco farm in village Lipovica. Here you can expect bird sounds early morning, organic food produced by the host and very peaceful environment. Perfect place for the rest and enjoy our stay.

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Resava region is filled with historic, cultural and natural wonders

Following the right tributary of the Great Morava river, Resava river and nearby town of Despotovac, Stefan Lazarevic the ruler of Serbia (ruled: 1389-1427) created one of the most important monuments of Morava's school and cultural center - Manasija monastery (see photos bellow). This magnificent medieval complex was attacked many times by Turks but yet resisted, both the teeth of time and destructors. In Resava region you can find the most beautiful speleological object in Serbia, Resava cave. It is estimated that it's about 80 mil. years old. Natural beauties of the region such as: wilderness of Beljanica mountain, Veliki Buk waterfall, Krupaj spring and many more attract many nature lovers and adventurers. Highly recommended for the visit because it's still not over waved by tours and tourists! Check out more details of our "Jeep safari + Hiking" 2-day trip to Resava region.
Resava Cave - portal to the ice age!
Just until recently, the approximately 80 million years old Resava cave was kept secret by the local shepherds. Its decorations make it one of the most beautiful caves in the region. In 1962 a shepherd has shown the Resava cave to some mountaineers from the town of Svilajnac, and the cave was researched entirely just afterwards. Ten years later, after the preparation, the cave was opened for tourists revealing its 45 million years old decorations. Resava cave was created before the great ice age by the subterranean rivers that had cut their path in the limestone terrain. It is one of the oldest and at the same time the most beautiful in Serbia.
Veliki Buk or Lisina waterfall is located on the Resava River in Eastern Serbia. It is carved in the karst area, where the sinking river of the Resava springs. With the height of 25 meters, it was considered the highest waterfall in Serbia until the 1990s when three higher ones were discovered in the Visok region.
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