Biggest adventure in Serbia

- Belgrade - Golubac
- Golubac fortress, Lepenski Vir, Kapetan Misin Breg, Donji Milanovac (lunch)
- Djerdap viewpoints, Donji Milanovac (dinner)
- Porecki zaliv sleepover
- Donji Milanovac (breakfast) - Bor (lunch)
- Zlot, Lazar's cave, Krupaj spring, Resavska cave, Veliki Buk waterfall
- Back to Belgrade

Total price: starts from €248 (group of three) per person
Price Includes: transport, accommodation (1 night), food (4 meals in total), guiding and assistance, all tickets and fees, non-alcoholic drinks during transfer.
Note: Price depends on the amount of people. For group of two, it's €265 per person, for one person it's €321. Flights to/from Serbia are not included in price. Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
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"DJERDAP + CAVES & SPRINGS" tour details:
We share with you detailed plan on each trip. Here is day by day plan:
Belgrade - Djerdap National Park - Donji Milanovac
We meet early morning in Belgrade's desired location. We reach Djerdap National Park in two and half hours approximately. We start our tour with remarkable Golubac fortress. After this break, we continue with Lepenski Vir and eco ethno complex Kapetan Misin Breg where we stop for a lunch break. After lunch we ride and stop on each of these spots: viewpoint Veliki Strbac, Veliki kazan, Gvozdena Kapija. Day we finish in very peaceful environment with the phenomenal view of our host Markovic in town of Donji Milanovac (Porecki zaliv). Dinner time and rest.
D.Milanovac - Bor - Zlot cave - Krupaj spring - Resava cave - Veliki Buk waterfall - Belgrade
After breakfast we drive towards Zlot and on the way we stop in Bor for a lunch break. Zlot cave system is a first site we'll check out. Through picturesque surroundings of mounting Kucaj, we continue towards next destination - Krupaj spring. After we visit two more gems of nature - Resava cave and Veliki Buk waterfall. Once we finish we drive back to Belgrade.
General Info
This tour when it's booked covers:
- Accommodation fee for 1 night.
- All transportation fees.
- All food expenses which includes 4 meals in different restaurants and ethno villages (example of lunch: soup, main dish, salad, desert and one drink are included. If you decide to eat and drink more, you should cover the difference).
- All tickets and fees.
- Guiding and assistance.
- Free juices and water during transportation.

Please note that this tour lasts two days. It is thematic tour designed to show you eastern part of Serbia, its underground waterfalls and springs. During this tour, you will see amazing sites like Djerdap National Park with viewpoints, Zlot cave system, Krupaj spring, Resavska cave and Veliki Buk waterfall. You will visit one of the most important Europe's archaeological findings Lepenski Vir, enjoy endless panoramic views and eat authentic Eastern Serbia food. It is one of the most eventful two-day tour we offer to our travelers, and you should really not miss it!

Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
Please read FAQ before booking.
Where we spend the night?
We spend the night in Porecki Zaliv (near Donji Milanovac), apartments with fantastic view at the Danube river bank. Note that availability of particular apartments in the season depends on the time of reservation. In the high season it can change for the similar ones due to the full capacity. All apartments will offer you comfort and good conditions to rest and enjoy your stay.

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Mysticism, wilderness, caves and springs - Eastern Serbia

Considering the beauty of its nature and its historical legacy, it is one of Serbia's least explored parts. One of the most important archaeological sites in Serbia and Europe, Lepenski Vir, shows traces of the early men settlements from 7000bc. A part of two biggest gorges in Serbia - Djerdap (Iron Gate) and Lazar's canyon, this area is very rich in speleological localities. Only close to Lazar's canyon, there are more than 220 caves. Rich with rivers and springs, you can discover spectacular sites like Veliki Buk waterfall, Krupaj & Mlava springs. The real getaway to the unreal beauties of Eastern Serbia you can expect with our "Djerdap + caves & springs" 2-day trip.
Remarkable Djerdap National Park is located in the northeastern part of Serbia, on the border with Romania. Along the Danube's right bank, on a 100 kilometer stretch from Golubac fortress to castrum Diana Karatas, the National Park encompasses a narrow forested mountain area, two to eight kilometers in width, reaching 50 to 800 meters above sea level. Hiking here is fantastic and viewpoints are simply unforgettable.

An important element of historical and cultural identity of the National Park is diverse and valuable immovable cultural heritage, with abundant architectural trails and remains of fortifications at the river banks of the Danube dating from Roman and early Byzantine period – remains of Roman Limes on the Danube, medieval necropolis and human settlements.Top sites: Golubac Fort, Lepenski Vir, Trajan's Tablet and viewpoints.
Lepenski Vir is the name of the great whirlpool in the middle of Djerdap and the nearby horseshoe-shaped shelf between the right bank of the Danube and the steep cliffs of the Korsho hill.
One of the most important archaeological sites in Serbia and Europe is located on a terrace by the Danube, in the Djerdap Gorge. Archaeological excavations in the 1960s uncovered valuable findings, sacred architecture and monumental sculptures from 7000 to 6000 BC which changed the global notion of the beginnings of civilization. Personal response depends on the viewer's thoughts and values individually.
Beneath layers of settlements of early farmers and cattle breeders from the period 5300–4800 BC, seven layers of successive settlements of hunters, fishermen and gatherers were discovered, built upon one another.
Lepenski Vir stands out upon the map of prehistoric Europe: for its methodically planned architecture and for its diverse sculptures. In the latter, the site has suddenly assumed an importance for which the epithet 'unique' might be acceptable. 'Lepenski Vir art' enters the world's art-history substantially in its own right and without convincing parentage.

Adopted from: " New Discovery at Lepenski Vir" by Dragoslav Srejovich and Official website of National Park Djerdap.

The sculptures fall into three groups:
strongly marked representations of human heads occasionally with somewhat fish-like features but little or no indication of the body;
seemingly non-representation arabesques or abstracts; and aniconic or semi-iconic forms, describable sometimes as 'omphaloi'.
The Eco-ethno complex "Kapetan Misin breg" is located in the heart of the Djerdap gorge
While enjoying the enchanting views of the Djerdap gorge you may try culinary specialties - traditionally prepared dishes of the Vlach cuisine. Specialties like homemade bread, fried nettles, corn bread, cheese, lamb, chicken barbecue. All that in combination with homemade wine, honey brandy or elder juice, will make your stay unforgettable. Within the compound you will find an open air gallery called "Man, wood, water," which is a collection of sculptures made of wood and stone. Also on the grounds at "Kapetan Misin breg" is a wine museum, opened in 2013. Inside you will find an impressive collection of top domestic and international wines. If you bring a bottle of wine with you, you can put it away and it will wait for you next time you visit!
Hidden wonders – the Zlot caves and Fascinating Flora and Fauna
Lazar's canyon is unique for its diversity of surface and underground karst forms of relief. The eastern foothill of mt. Kucaj is rich in speleological localities. There are 222 caves near the village of Zlot. Vernjikica and Lazar's cave are the the most famous and fascinating ones. Together with them, the Mandina, Vodena and the Hajducica cave form the Zlot cave system.
Lazar's canyon is one of the most important centres of biodiversity in the Balkans. It has a large number of diverse endemic and sub-endemic plants as well as 52 relict plant species originating from different geological periods. It is one of the rare habitats of the Crimean pine (Pinus nigra caramanica), a relict species of yew tree and a Balkan endemic.
After Lazar's cave, we continue our journey to witness one of the tallest waterfalls in Serbia.
Veliki Buk or Lisina waterfall is located on the Resava River in Eastern Serbia. It is carved in the karst area, where the sinking river of the Resava springs. With the height of 25 meters, it was considered the highest waterfall in Serbia until the 1990s when three higher ones were discovered in the Visok region.
Resava Cave - portal to the ice age!
Just until recently, the approximately 80 million years old Resava cave was kept secret by the local shepherds. Its decorations make it one of the most beautiful caves in the region. In 1962 a shepherd has shown the Resava cave to some mountaineers from the town of Svilajnac, and the cave was researched entirely just afterwards. Ten years later, after the preparation, the cave was opened for tourists revealing its 45 million years old decorations. Resava cave was created before the great ice age by the subterranean rivers that had cut their path in the limestone terrain. It is one of the oldest and at the same time the most beautiful in Serbia.
Krupaj Springs - an ecological oasis

In this area lies true gem of nature which, on first thought, can be found only in fairy tales. Surrounded by a forest of its own, with tree branches and vines hovering over its surface, stands the Krupaj springs. The water, blue and green in colour, with varying nuances, can't help itself but hypnotize the beholder. You can hear the chirping of hidden birds and a rustling in the tree-tops from which soon enough the previously unseen owners of beautiful chirps take flight. Your eyes follow their display of mid-air dance when you see it. A cave. Only half of it standing above the water. And you can't shake off the feeling that you yourself have become a character of a very special fable.
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