Serbia nature 2 days tour

- Belgrade - Zlatibor (lunch)
- Gostilje waterfall - Stopich cave - Open Air Museum "Old Village"
- Zlatibor (dinner) sleepover
- Zlatibor (breakfast) - Zlatar lake - Uvac Nature Reserve
- Uvac boat ride - Hike (back to the camp) - Sjenica (lunch) - Belgrade

Total price: starts from €249 (group of three) per person

Price Includes:
transport, accommodation (1 night), food (4 meals in total), guiding and assistance, all tickets and fees, non-alcoholic drinks during transfer.
Note: Price depends on the amount of people. For group of two, it's €267 per person, for one person it's €322. Flights to/from Serbia are not included in price. Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
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"UVAC & ZLATIBOR" tour details:
We share with you detailed plan on each trip. Here is day by day plan:
Belgrade - Zlatibor - Gostilje waterfall - Stopica cave - Sirogojno - Zlatibor
We meet early morning in Belgrade's desired location. We reach mountain Zlatibor and famous restaurant "Jezero" in about three hours and the half ride. After the break and delicious lunch, top sites are waiting to be discovered! We visit Gostilje waterfall, Stopich cave and Open Air Musium "Old Village" in Sirogojno. We come back to Zlatibor center for dinner and rest in beautiful area surrounded by pine tree forest.
Zlatibor - Uvac Nature Reserve
After breakfast we ride to Uvac Nature Reserve for not more than hour an the half. On the way you may enjoy amazing views including Zlatar lake. First part of Uvac exploring is reserved for the boat ride, from which you can meet plenty of different bird species (including Griffon vulture, founded only in few world's countries). We stop to see Ice cave, and after that we continue hiking back. This is the best way to see Uvac meanders from both perspectives (from the boat and from its breathtaking viewpoints). After the hike, we stop in Sjenica for a lunch break and contiue towards Belgrade.
General Info
This tour when it's booked covers:
- Accommodation fee for 1 night.
- All transportation fees.
- All food expenses which includes 4 meals in different restaurants and ethno villages (example of lunch: soup, main dish, salad, desert and one drink are included. If you decide to eat and drink more, you should cover the difference).
- All tickets and fees
- Guiding and assistance.
- Free juices and water during transportation.

Please note that this tour lasts two days. It is thematic tour designed to show you Uvac Nature Reserve and Zlatibor region. During this tour, you will see spectacular sites like Zlatibor mountain with famous Stopich cave and Gostilje waterfall. You will visit open air museum Sirogojno and try traditional food from the region. Exploring of Uvac Nature Reserve can be done in two ways: boat ride + hike (6km) or only boat ride (if you choose this option, you'll miss viewpoints from the top but meet plenty of different bird species and see the cave). It is one of the most unique tours in Europe, and you should really not miss it if you are in Serbia!

Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
Please read FAQ before booking.
Where we spend the night?
We stay in one of Zlatibor's authentic apartments in the center of Zlatibor, surrounded by pine tree forest. Note that availability of particular apartments in the season depends on the time of reservation. In the high season it can change for the similar ones due to the full capacity. All apartments will offer you comfort and good conditions to rest and enjoy your stay.

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The best viewpoints in Serbia: Uvac Nature Reserve and "gold-pine" mountain Zlatibor

South-west part of Serbia - tradition, both natural and cultural heritage and spectacular viewpoints. Those are the words that come to me thinking of these spots. Uvac river, the heart of the nature reserve, is passing through rugged terrain and twists and turns creating extraordinary bands. Specially downstream, the river has grown its size to create a sight that is attractive for photographers, hikers and nature lovers. Zlatibor mountain is well know for its exquisite landscapes and clean air. Being a well known ski center during winter days, sites like Gostilje waterfall (with beautiful cascades), Stopich cave and Open air museum "Old Village" are the reasons why this mountain's popularity is increasing in spring and summer days as well. If you feel like visiting this region, we designed for you fantastic "Uvac & Zlatibor" 2-day private tour.
Breathtaking Special Nature Reserve Uvac is located in the municipality of Nova Varos and Sjenica and it occupies the territory of 7543 acres. The lowest point of this natural reserve is at 760, and the highest at 1322 meters of altitude. The status of a "special nature reserve" the territory around the river Uvac received thanks to unique plant and animal species that can be encountered here. The most significant is Griffon vulture, one of the 140 species of birds that live in the wild area of the natural reserve, making the symbol and brand of Uvac Canyon.

A special charm to this natural reserve gives the largest cave complex in the territory of Serbia. The cave system in the valley of Uvac is six thousand kilometers long and together with the meanders contributes to the fact that the Uvac is one of the most beautiful regions in our country. The cave system is characterized by canals in several levels, cave decorations, siphons and halls. The best known are Usak cave, Tubica cave and Ice cave in the village of Usak. The ornaments in the Ice cave are in the form of drapery and can reach a length up to ten meters.
Another part of this tour is Zlatibor visit. It is a mountain region situated in the western part of Serbia, a part of the Dinaric Alps. Name Zlatibor (zlati=golden, bor=pine tree) means "Golden Pine tree". The mountain spreads over an area of 300 km², 27 miles in length, southeast to northwest, and up to 23 miles in width. The highest peak is Tornik at 1496 m. The average height of mt. Zlatibor is about 1000 m above sea level. It is intersected by numerous rivers, streams and ravines.
This amazing mountain is a must visit to all tourists wanting to get a true feel of the Serbian atmosphere. The view is absolutely amazing as you look across the horizon. Zlatibor people are well known as producers of meat and meat products because this region has been predetermined to be a cattle breeding area by climate and other natural characteristics. Besides meat, milk and milk products are also produced here.
The open air museum "Staro Selo" (the old village)

Tucked into the vivid scenery of Zlatibor surrounded by the nature that has kept the beauty and magnificence, the authentic houses from the 19th century can be found, and they represent the unique attraction for tourists and an important monument of culture, spirituality and tradition of the Serbian countryside life.
Stopica cave is most famous for its 10 meters high subterranean waterfall.
We visit Stopich cave. It is a limestone cave near Sirogojno, on the slopes of Zlatibor in the Dinaric Alps, in western Serbia. Stopich cave on the left bank of the Pristavica river, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Western Serbia, near the city of Uzice. The cave entrance, at 711 meters above sea level, is 18 meters high and 35 meters wide. It is a river cave as the Trnavski stream flows through it. Its main attraction is a 10 meters high underground waterfall.
Stopica cave is comprised of five sections: the Light Hall, the Dark Hall, the Great Hall with Pools, the Channel with Pools and the River Channel. It is not very rich in cave formations, but it can boast with amazing inter pools, some of which are even 7 meters deep. The climate in the Stopica cave is influenced by outside conditions – in winter it is cold and in summer warm, while the waters of the Trnavski stream also affect the cave's micro-climate. Sixteen hundred meters of the cave system have been explored, including a part of the underwater system of channels.
Gostilje waterfall
Gostilje waterfall is certainly one of the most attractive hydrologic values of Zlatibor. It is situated in the village Gostilje, about 25 km away from Zlatibor centre. Before the mouth of the river Katusnica the water of Gostilje river pours down the 20 m high limestone cliff, forming thus a unique waterfall. Downstream the brook forms some smaller waterfalls and cascades until it joins the river Katusnica.
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