2 days in serbia special offer

- Belgrade - Tara National park - Perucac lake (lunch)
- Mitrovac - Viewpoints - Monastery Racha - Ladjevac (hike) - Bajina Basta (dinner)
- Bajina Basta (breakfast) - Sargan Eight - Wooden town (lunch)
- Back to Belgrade

Total price: starts from €238 €219 (group of three) per person
Price Includes: transport, accommodation (1 night), food (4 meals in total), guiding and assistance, all tickets and fees, non-alcoholic drinks during transfer.
Note: Price depends on the amount of people. For group of two, it's €234 per person, for one person it's €282. Flights to/from Serbia are not included in price. Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
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"Tara National Park & Sargan Eight" trip details:
We share with you detailed plan on each trip. Here is day by day plan:
Belgrade - Tara National Park - Mitrovac - Bajina Basta
We meet at desired Belgrade location early morning. We ride to National park Tara and close to Perucac lake we stop for a lunch break in unique restaurant situated on the Vrelo river spring. Next stop is Mitrovac the heart of National park, where we regroup and continue with spectacular viewpoints. Driving on the picturesque road towards Bajina Basta, we stop to see Monastery Racha and to make a short hike to discover amazing Ladjevac waterfall. In Bajina Basta we have dinner and stay overnight.
Bajina Basta - Sargan Eight - Wooden town - Belgrade center
Our first stop after breakfast is Sargan Eight (retro train) which will bring us to fabulous views of Mokra Gora hill. We continue to Wooden town (Kustendorf), built by Emir Kusturica during filming his movie „Life is a miracle". We stop for the lunch break in one of their ethno restaurants. Once we are ready, we drive back to Belgrade.
General Info
This trip when it's booked covers:
- Accommodation fee for 1 night.
- All transportation fees.
- All food expenses which includes 4 meals total in different restaurants and ethno villages (example of lunch: soup, main dish, salad, desert and one drink are included. If you decide to eat and drink more, you should cover the difference).
- All tickets and fees.
- Guiding and assistance.
- Free juices and water during transportation.

Please note that this tour lasts two days. It is thematic tour designed to present you Western Serbia, natural heritage and to bring you to beautiful viewpoints. Tara National park is considered as "must see" part of Serbia, because of its picturesque surroundings, fabulous nature, fresh air and tasty food. It is the first destination we offer to travelers if they want to see the best of Serbia and they don't have much time!

Traveling health insurance is mandatory.
Please read FAQ before booking.

Where we spend the night?
We stay in Bajina Basta, picturesque town at the edge of National park Tara and right on the river Drina bank. Note that availability of particular apartments in the season depends on the time of reservation. In the high season it can change for the similar ones due to the full capacity. All apartments will offer you comfort and good conditions to rest and enjoy your stay.

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Private tour to Balkan's most colorful and attractive part

West part of Serbia is according to many tourists and travelers one of the most attractive parts in the Balkans. If you have no time for longer stay (for one of our road trips), this is the other best way to explore it with us and leave with many unforgettable memories. We'll show you its endless beauty in our carefully designed "Tara National Park & Sargan Eight" 2-day trip. Now with a special price!
Flagship location of this tour is certainly National Park Tara. Mountain Tara belongs to internal Dinarides and it is part of Serbian Vlach mountains. It is located In the far west of Serbia in encompassing area bounded by the Drina River between Visegrad and Bajina Basta. Thick greenery all around, richness of fragrant forests, glades and views, meadow carpet, "the lungs of Serbia" – this is Tara Mountain and its national park, a real beauty among the heights, an ideal place for rest and recovery.

Viewpoints in the National Park Tara are the most attractive touristic points and the best way to experience the park. They are countless, and most of them are hardly accessible, but the most beautiful, fortunately can be easily accessed. There are five sites equipped and safe for tourists - Crnjeskovo, Oslusa, Banjska stena, Sjenic (Vitmirovac), Biljeska stena. From these points you will see beautiful and memorable panoramas.
River Vrelo originates from a strong karst spring of Perucac at the altitude of 234 meters at the foothill of mountain Tara. The water from Vrelo originates from precipitation accumulated on spacious plato of Tara. The river is 365 meters long. It is believed that this is the shortest European river. It is also called the "YEAR RIVER".
You will visit Wooden Town also known Küstendorf and Mecavnik. It is a traditional village that the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica built for his film entitled "Life is a Miracle". Because of the Wooden Town, Kusturica was the 2005 recipient of the Philippe Rotthier European Architecture award. The Wooden Town has a library, an artist gallery, Stanley Kubrick Cinema; a main house which houses a cinema-hall in the cellar, a living room, a guest room, a closed yard, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a sauna and private rooms for the Kusturica family; a sports hall; a restaurant; a cake shop, as well as a souvenir shop; and finally, a Church dedicated to St. Sava.

Wooden Town
A traditional village that the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica built for his film entitled "Life is a Miracle"
emir kusturica
"I was looking with envy at Mecavnik - a hill without anything on it, but as it seemed to me, with plenty of sunshine."
Next interesting stop is Sargan Eight. It is one of the most attractive tourist museum type of railway in the world, a unique construction masterpiece of narrow-gauge heritage railway in Serbia, running from the village of Mokra Gora to the Sargan Vitasi station. An extension to Visegrad in the Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was finished on August 28th, 2010. The former East Bosnian railway with a gauge of 760 mm (2 ft 5 15⁄16 in) was an important part of the former narrow-gauge main line from Sarajevo to Belgrade and closed in 1974. Between 1999 and 2003 the section over the Sargan pass was rebuilt by the Serbian Ministry of Tourism and the Yugoslav State Railway (now the Serbian Railways), with great help from Emir Kusturica. Nowadays, travelers have the chance to go on an amazing train ride around the mountains in the Sargan Eight, so do we!
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