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Sargan Eight - Museum and Tourist railway

The narrow gauge railway that takes a wonderful route up the hill (Sargan), showing you the beautiful picturesque mountain village and a nature park - Mokra Gora.
The part of the old railway line
Sargan Eight is running 15 km from the village of Mokra Gora to the Sargan Vitasi station. An extension to Visegrad in the Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was finished in 2010. It is a part of the old railway line that ran from Uzice to Sarajevo (from Serbia to Bosnia) and was lunched in 1925. The railway was being built for 4 years. There were around 3000-5000 workers engaged in the construction of the railway every day. The construction of the railway immediately allowed ready access to the rest of the world for many mountain villages. It closed down in 1974 due to its state of disrepair and mounting loses. The most interesting feature of this railway route, that earned it fame and the name "Sargan Eight" is the remarkable feat of engineering which spans a height of 300m with an extraordinary loop in the shape of "8". Sargan Eight is considered as the most attractive tourist museum type of a railway in Europe.
Sargan Eight's zigzag route through 22 tunnels and 5 bridges bring you to impressive views. Operated by steam locomotives, the line passes through lovely scenery and a series of small, romantic stations making this a delightful worthwhile journey.
On the way to Sargan-Vitasi
There are six stops (including the starting point) during this spectacular 15 km journey from Mokra Gora to Sargan-Vitasi

Mokra Gora railway station

Mokra Gora represents the border between Kremna basin and Mokra Gora basin and it forms the watershed between Djetinja and Kamesina rivers. There are three mountains above Mokra Gora: Zlatibor, Sargan and Tara. Three rivers run beneath those mountains and through Mokra Gora: Beli Rzav, Crni Rzav and Kamesina. Mokra Gora railway station is the starting point in the Sargan Eight journey. Here, you may fit one of the old wood-paneled passenger cars, take a deep breath of clean air and dive into the past.

The Night Kilometer

The first railway station at the railway line from Mokra Gora to Sargan-Vitasi is called "The Night Kilometer". That's how many kilometers there are to Bosnia. That border was introduced at the time of Austro-Hungarian annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jatare station

Because Sargan is very rich in water, the railway was very difficult to build. Spring water Jatarka was brought from one of the tunnels to the station Jatare which was very rare and unusual. This station used to be a resting place and a water station. Jatare station is also known for the fact that not one ticket had ever been sold at this station and for the fact that nobody got off the train here. It was almost impossible for the passenger to figure out in which direction the train was going and where it would pass.

Golubici station

Golubici in Serbian means a couple who is in love. Those who decide to tie the knot are called "goulubici" in the beginning. That's also the name of the station which was built by our famous film director Emir Kusturica for the shooting of the film "Life is a miracle".

At a cross

Remarkable viewpoint, one more time reminds us why Sargan Eight is in the group of unique construction masterpiece of narrow-gauge railways in the world. At the beginning of last century, the designers solved the problem of 300 m difference in altitude at a distance of 3.5 km between the stations Sargan-Vitasi and Mokra Gora by bilding a railway in the shape of the number eight.

Sargan-Vitasi station and Bele Vode spring

The area of Mokra Gora and Kremna is famous for its natural springs with healing water. The healing characteristics of these springs was passed on from one generation to another, only verbally and quite shyly so it would not be spread out. Namely, these waters were famous for their effects in treating skin diseases. At the end of 20th century, people started to examine in more detail the waters of Mokra Gora. That's when the spring (later called "Bele vode") was discovered in the valley of the river Kamesina. It came out that the spring water belongs to the group of very rare waters in the world with PH value higher of 11.5. According to current research, only 15 springs with such high alkaline values have been discovered so far.
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