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What are the best places to visit from Belgrade?

If you ever decide to visit Serbia, there is a big chance that you will start by visiting the capital, Belgrade. The reasons behind: It has the biggest airport, It is well promoted and popular destination and of course, has a variety of amazing content to offer regardless of the season.
Remarkable view from the top of Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade.
But what if you want to visit the country side, explore and discover hidden gems of Serbia? Where to go? What are the best places to visit from Belgrade?

Top 5 Destinations in Serbia to visit from Belgrade

Exploring of Serbian heritage might be very exciting and completely new experience.
To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.
Aldous Husley writer

Western Serbia
Tara National park

Thick greenery all around, richness of fragrant forests, remarkable viewpoints, meadow carpets, "the lungs of Serbia" – this is Tara Mountain and its National park, a real beauty among the heights, an ideal place for rest and recovery. How to get there?

Eastern Serbia
Djerdap Gorge & Iron Gates

Danube, the second largest in Europe, forms the northern border of the region. Here, you can find Djerdap National park - protected nature reserve, one of the most important archaeologic foundings in Europe "Lepenski Vir". High sides and cliffs of the George are mostly covered in dense forest which has preserved many plant and animal species. Entire area is incredibly rich in speleological localities. How to get there?


Northern Serbia
Novi Sad & Fruska Gora Monasteries

Novi Sad was the centre of Serbian culture, politics and social life during the 18th and 19th centuries and because of that it received epithet 'Serbian Athens'. It is voted to be European Capital of culture in 2021. Fruska Gora mountain in the flat Vojvodina region is often compared to Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain) for its impressive complex of medieval monasteries of great beauty and priceless spiritual value. Get there!

South-west Serbia
Uvac Nature Reserve

Uvac river, the heart of the nature reserve, is passing through rugged terrain and twists and turns creating extraordinary bands. Specially downstream, the river has grown its size to create a sight that is attractive for photographers, hikers and nature lovers. The symbol and brand of Uvac Canyon is Griffon vulture, one of the 140 species of birds that live in the wild area of the natural reserve. Here you can find the largest cave complex in the territory of Serbia. Get there!

Western Serbia
Zlatibor mountain

Zlatibor mountain is well know for its exquisite landscapes and clean air. It is a well known ski center during winter days, but sites like Gostilje waterfall (with beautiful cascades), Stopich cave and Open air museum "Old Village" are the reasons why this mountain is attracting more tourists each year even in the hot summer days. Get there!
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