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The best walks and most beautiful parks in Belgrade
If you've already explored Belgrade's old town area and went for sightseeing, you may start wondering where to get away from the crowded streets and to have a nice relaxing walk. Here are a few "easy to reach" parks and walking areas.

Top 5 walks and parks in Belgrade

You don't have to go too far from Belgrade to have a relaxing walks in the nature

Kalemegdan park

All sightseeing routes in Belgrade are pointing to this magical place. If by any chance you still didn't visit it, put it first on your list. The symbol of Belgrade, Kalemegdan park and the fortress are the most popular promenade location not just for citizens of Belgrade, but tourists as well. The variety of walks you may enjoy here are endless. Main park promenade is commanding superb panoramic view of the New Belgrade and the Sava districts. The wide plateau of upper town offers a remarkable view of the confluence of the river Sava as it flows into the Danube. You can easily spend half of the day exploring its upper town, lower town, museums and even Belgrade zoo - located underneath the fortress walls.

Botanical garden

Build in 1874, Botanical garden "Jevremovac" in the hearth of the city (Takovska Street), is the perfect place to have a relaxing walk surrounded by rich vegetation. Over five hectares of land is filled with more than 350 species of trees and bushes, with the total plant fund of more than 1,500 plants. You may find here open air green areas, beautiful Japanese Garden and conservatory. It works from 1.April till 1.October, 9am - 7pm and the ticket is around 2 euros.

Tasmajdan park

is a popular Belgrade park and its name can be translated as the "stone quarry park". It was the main stone source to build in old Belgrade, thanks to underneath caves of quarry. Those caves were also used by Belgraders as shelters during the Austro-Hungarian shelling in 1914. Serbian government is planning to reopen them, but this time for touristic purposes. The park by itself is very pleasant and offers variety of interesting content: numerous walking paths, trim trail, children's playground, place for chess, fountains and sculptures, cafes and restaurants. On the north side of the park lies Church of St.Mark with the richly ornamented outer decoration.The park can be easily reached from the main Blv. of King Alexandar.

Ada Ciganlija (Ada lake)

also referred as "Belgrade's seaside", is an artificial lake and the huge park area that surrounds it (more than 700 hectares). It is Belgrade's favourite sporting resort and the most visited location during hot summer days. Beyond almost 5 km long beach (it has lifeguards, showers, slides etc.), there are various sport courts, bicycle tracks, artificial rock for climbing and Belgrade's only golf course. It has many restaurants, cafes, fast food options. Lots of people like to explore the area by renting a bicycle at the beginning of Ada. It is easily reached from the center with buses: 23,37.

Topcider park

is one of the major locations for relaxation, picnics and fresh air for the citizens of Belgrade. Topcider park is a great example of Belgrade's calmer side.This former royal park area, thanks to its romantic spirit, is specially popular for newly-weds and their photo sessions. By coming here, you can expect to disconnect entirely from the urban noise and crowd. In the park you can find Residence of Prince Milos, Archibald Reiss monument and one of the most beautiful monuments of nature in Belgrade – huge plane tree in front of Milos Residence. It can be reached by the streetcar no.3 from the center.
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